Advance features of Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Feature Galaxy S7 - Edge S7

Samsung haven’t launched new a new phone only but launched a new technology what a smartphone can do for better lives. They feel smaller & thinker with smooth edge inside.

Samsung has launched their latest smart phone with more features and properties. In my last post we have discussed the difference between S7 & S7 Edge. Let’s take a look all advance features one by one.

Galaxy S7 has certified with water & dust resistance technology (IP68) & capless USB port. The device keeps working if stay up to 30 min & 5 feet of water level. We don’t require bulky phone case for safety. Safety guarantee in rain, shower or pool.

Expandable memory
Currently both phones come with 32 GB internal memory variants. The 64 GB variant internal memory phone will be launched soon by company. However you may increase memory up to 200 GB microSD card. Both devices come with advance AP 4 GB RAM.

Smart Design
The slim design fits comfortably in palm of your hand. Curve screen of S7 edge helps instant update by easy tapping. The ergonomic design maximizes the performance.

Dual-pixel technology
It is world’s first smart phone which supports dual-pixel technology like professional camera. You can shoot in night with larger pixels capturing 56% more light. It gives best camera result in day or night.

The phone has inbuilt brighter & faster 12 MP camera with F1.7 lens (front/rear). It offers 360 degree of video and image preview a new way to share memories before your camera for shooting or recording.

WirWireless chargeeless Charging

Charge your phone battery from 0% to 100% in no time with powerful wireless charging technology. It offers fast charging than normal charger and save time.






Samsung Pay
You Samsung Pay Appdon’t need to carry your cards, wallet everywhere. Now secure your wallet with Samsung pay app. It’s simpler, secure and virtually anywhere and supports MST, NFC features. You can swipe your phone like a credit & debit card in POS as well.







Samsung Knox
Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge supports Samsung Knox. It’s a suite of mobile enterprise security solutions that provides device protection, management and development options.

The device comes with quad HD Super AMOLED display – for better gaming experience, 30 MP image, 3840 x 1920 video recording. Feature like always display time even in off screen mode is amazing.

Color Variants
Both phones are available in four color variants.

Samsung Phone Color Variants
1. Black Onyx
2. Gold Platinum
3. Silver titanium
4. White Pearl




Both devices powered by latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Rethink what your SmartPhone can do for you before you buy it. It’s best device for android lovers. Else in market their are lot of cheap android phone which are copy of iPhone design.

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