Find the Users who checked your whatsapp DP profile picture

Whatsapp introduces there new features with new updates often and many of the features are in beta testing mode. But in all of them the feature is missing which provide us the information of users who watched my DP profile pictures and saved them in his/her smart phone device. The chat app has very tight security feature but almost no feature of notification is available which can provide information about such users who checked our profile etc.

Here I am going to explain you the processes by which you can identify the contact details who checked your DP profile.

Whats Tracker

There is a free app available in Google play store named as “whats tracker”. Android users can download and install it free from Google play store. Pro and paid version of this app is available in Google play store. Pro version shows list of last seven days visited users.

Key Features are:

  • Visited: Find out the WhatsApp contacts whom profiles you have visited.
  • Visitors: Find out who viewed your WhatsApp profile.
  • Location Tracker: Track your WhatsApp contact’s location.
  • Whats Tracker chat feature: Chat with your nearby location friends without sharing contact number.
  • No GPS required in this App.

Whats Tracker is an app with benefit as the user can not only view the visitors list but also track their location on map.

Profile stalkers for whatsapp

To install it open Google play store and search for “profile stalkers for whatsapp”.

You can find out who are more closer and interested or take care of you. May be you will find your crush and come to know who is interacting with you most for whats app.

If you’re worried about your profile viewer and status checker then this app is made for you. Because this app will provide those person and friends on whats app contacts who’re interested in you. You get list of users who are looking at your profile daily and checking your status regularly. This app is very useful to find if your ex BF or GF still looking at you.

If you’re not interested to download any app then whatsapp has some features which can help you to not view your profile to any unwanted numbers.

To do this Go to whatsapp setting – > Privacy -> here you will see three type of main privacy

Last seen: Shows your status to other users when you were visible last time or current status
Select options from Everyone or My contacts or Nobody

Profile Photo: Decide yourself who you want to show your profile picture
Select options from Everyone or My contacts or Nobody

About: Decide yourself who you want to show your whats app status
Select options from Everyone or My contacts or Nobody

If you choose everyone then all of saved and unsaved contacts and group members can view your data. If you choose my contacts then all of saved contacts and group members can view your data. The user who you haven’t saved yet can’t view your profile. If you choose nobody then no members and contact list can view your data and profile.

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