How to make New Wireless Earphones from Broken, useless or old Earphones

How to make New Wireless Earphones from Broken, useless or old Earphones

We use many electronics items in daily routine. Mobile, TV, earphone, laptop, charger etc all are electronics items and they can be damage sometime. You can’t imagine that few of them can be repair at home without any technical knowledge. Earphone is such type of electronics device which we carry in daily routine such as gym workout, travelling, walking etc. It’s very sensitive device which can be damage anytime if we don’t care. Normally when it physically damage earphones don’t work and we throw it in garbage. In market you can buy plugged and wireless earphones. But now you can save your money by making new wireless earphones from your from Broken, Useless or old Earphones.

We are going to explain you how you can make new wireless earphone from your broken earphone. You only need to follow below steps to make this build.

How to make New Wireless Earphones from Broken, useless or old Earphones

Required Object

Old earphone in working Condition, Wireless Bluetooth Module which you can buy from online website or store, cello tape, glue, soldering iron.

Steps 1 – Cut the cable from middle

Cut your earphones from middle at the edge of phone pick up button. This method can be difficult for some time. You need to follow video to do it correctly. Remove plastic or rubber cover from wire by 1 inch in both cables.

Steps 2 – Arrange the wires

Once you remove the outer jacket, you’ll probably see three inner wire pair; one for the right ear, one for the left ear and ground. You might observe two ground wires. If this is the case then join the two ground wires by soldering them.

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Steps 3 – Heat the wire and remove plastic

Now turn on your solder. Once it’s completely burning, take a part of solder and apply solder to the ends of the wires. This is a procedure called “tinning” the wires. Now Heat a wire slightly trough solder and remove the burn plastic on it and spread the wire from the cutting end. Make round the wire well and stick it by glue and cello tape.

Steps 4 – Soldering Bluetooth Module with Earphone

Now take Bluetooth module which we can buy from any online site or nearby electronics store. The Bluetooth module has the option to insert both wires. You just solder both wires in Bluetooth module properly.

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Steps 5 – Set up Bluetooth module

Fix these two wires in between. Set up your Bluetooth module with wireless headphones. Your wires earphone device is ready to connect. Just connects them with your handset and try to listen something. You can enjoy earphone by connecting with mobile Bluetooth as well.

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