New Upcoming features of Google Android 2018

Within last ten years android developer communities have grown dramatically. Most developers in various countries have used Android IDE. China, India and Brazil have increased number of developers in just two years. Android next goal is making mobile development fast and easy to get more helping that increase user engagement and pull them back on radically smaller apps. New opportunity will be created with the new development. It’s notable that Google introduce android oreo 8.1 version last time.Google Android 2018

Development: making mobile development fast and easy

Android Jetpack: – Google has announced Android Jetpack which is designed to make easy and fast mobile app development. Android jetpack is next generation android component which includes set of libraries, tools and architectural guidance to make quick and easy Android apps. It also provides common infrastructure code by which you can make unique app. Android Jetpack divided into four different categories like foundation, architecture, behavior and UI which manage all kind of activities like background tasks, navigation, lifecycle management, work manager, paging, navigation and slices.

Kotlin: – Kotlin is a statically typed programming language which runs on java virtual machine included compiling to JavaScript source code. Last year Google had announced that Kotlin will be the part of android IDE and now android officially supports Kotlin Language. 95% of developers tell that they are very happy using Kotlin in their Android development.

Android Studio 3.2 Canary: – Google has announced Android Studio 3.2 Canary which includes existing set of feature that supports Android P Developer Preview, the new Android App Bundle and Android Jetpack. The canary also includes new Android App Bundle format, Snapshots in the Android Emulator for fast start time, new R8 optimizer for smaller download and install app code size, a new Energy Profiler to measure app impact on battery life and more. Today Android Studio 3.2 canary explores one of the most feature rich releases of the year.

Android Security Patch March 2018

Distribution: making apps radically smaller

Android App Bundle & Google Play Dynamic Delivery: – Android App Bundle is a new app model for android which will reduce mobile app size in new publishing format. Using android app bundle you can build an app bundle that contains everything which your app needs like any kind of device languages, device screen sizes and hardware architecture. Its means that when user install your app then Google plays new dynamic delivery will only deliver that code and resources which supported user device.

Dynamic feature via the Android App Bundle: – Android App Bundle enables modularization by which you can deliver feature on-demand during installation. You can also build dynamic feature module using latest Android Studio canary supported Kotlin.

Google Play Console: – Using this new feature of Google Play console you can improve your performance in app and grow your business.

Google Play Instant: – Game developers can build instant apps using Google play instance like Candy Crush Saga. To make app more useful they can use unity plugin and beta integration with Cocos creator. Google Play Instant will also allow peoples to appear their ads directly from AdWords.

Top 10 Android Apps

Engagement: bringing users back more and more.

Slices: – Slices displays a rich array of dynamic and interactive content in UI templates from your app within Google surface. Slices also includes live data, scrolling content, inline actions and deep-linking in your app by which user can check reservation update while playing music.

Actions: – Using Actions you can make your app more capable and content more accessible.

Android Things 1.0:- Android Things is an android-based embedded operating system provided by Google that enables developers to build and maintain internet of things devices at the scale.

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