Story Behind name change from Facebook to Meta

Important official and unofficial reason which forces Mark Zuckerberg to change their brand name from Facebook to Meta. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced new name of Facebook as Metaverse, you can also call it Meta. There was discussion of changing the name of the company for a long time between top executives. On Thursday, Zuckerberg announced the new name of his company. Zuckerberg wants to rebrand his company, due to which its name was changed as Meta. But Metaverse and Facebook, both these names do not seem to be…

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10 Tips for Making a Great Facebook Page for Business Owners

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great tool for small companies. Setting up a page can lead to loyal customers and brand recognition. Keep these tips in mind when creating your first Facebook page. Set a Clear goal for the page Don’t create a Facebook page just to say your business has a page. Decide on a clear goal and stick to it. Do you want to create new customers or focus on the existing base? Do you want a one-stop location for Facebook and Internet users? Decide why the Facebook page exists…

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