Pro Tip! Best tech gadgets to improve productivity and comfort when work from home

Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown forced employees to work remotely from home. There are both pros and cons to WFH.

Your employer is saving money on office space rent, the electric bill, and refreshments like tea, coffee, and water, etc. CTC of the employee is reduced by doing work from home.

Work from home is never easy without using smart and well-designed gadgets which gives us both working flexibility and comfort at home.

In the morning you don’t have to rush from home to the office instead of that you just have to walk from your bed to the desk to start your work. You have kids in the family it is difficult but makes them understand that you are working from home in COVID lockdown. Don’t feel guilty to take a small tea or coffee break to flex your mood and muscles while working from home. Choose your workspace corner at home away from the noise, availability of high-speed internet, top technology smart gadgets. Space must have good airflow and ample light. While thinking that you are at home “let’s do some extra work” is not a good idea.

The difference is huge when it comes to working from home and office. Here are some recommendations for the right gadgets to boost your productivity and comfort:

Set up workstation

Work from home starts with how you set up your workstation and gadgets to accomplish your daily tasks. You might be thinking permanent solution that you lay down on the couch watching your favorite Netflix series at the same time work from home, make note it will be hell. Your shoulder, spine, and wrist will ask you questions after days pass. For ideal work station setup, you do need some basic stuff like office comfy chair, table, and mouse wrist support pad are easily available in stores as well as on online platforms in the Covid-19 era.

A fast internet connection

I am sure that you don’t want to burn-out your figures because of poor internet connection if you don’t want to pay extra money to upgrade your poor bandwidth to the high bandwidth internet.

Noise-canceling headphone

Over-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones with mic, speaker, long, and fast chargeable battery give flexibility and comfort that no one or nothing will disturb while working. The chair is not more sticky while audio meetings.


A high-speed processer and internal high memory space reduce lag, wider screen 1080p resolution provides a clearer quality view of datasheets, spacious trackpad, laptop keypad must be smooth includes all major shortcut keys for direct access minimizes frequent use of laptop scroll pad.


You are having a frequent video meeting with clients and workmates than a laptop webcam is not enough you need 1080p portable webcam power custom setting buttons withstand and tripods flexible on laptop and desktop.


A wider and high definition monitor gives good visuals of excel sheets and documents. You are a writer or recruiter monitor will save your squinting eyes.


Highly recommended to use a wireless keyboard to work farther from the monitor and saves your eyes from blues light. A budgetary rimless Bluetooth keyboard with compact design and responsive typing keys is a perfect fit for the home office.


Whether you are using a laptop or desktop right choice of a wireless mouse is playing an important role to protect your wrist. An ergonomic mouse design minimizes fatigue of wrist an extra button to jump directly to frequently used windows, a custom setting of a button, scroll wheel speed, and a gel wrist band.

External hard drive

Important office credentials are not stored into the office cloud instead of stored into desktop or laptop in WFH. You must store all credentials into an external hard drive for privacy and security of documents.


You need a printer to print your important design and documents if necessary take print because the cartridge is costlier than a printer.

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