How to Hack WhatsApp Account Easily

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We all know the importance of WhatsApp messenger chat in Smartphone. It becomes more popular by cross platform support such as WhatsApp to social media, email, sms, Bluetooth, xender and other content sharing features make is more useful. Further it supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia with free massaging, status updates, voice calling etc.

You can make more fun by hacking your friend’s WhatsApp account with legal methods. It’s always interesting to access your friends, relative or beloved one profile. Here I am going to share you the secret of WhatsApp hacking. Enjoy your hack.

Method 1

MAC Spoofing WhatsApp Hack Technique

Wifi devices are connected with a unique 12 character MAC (Media Access Control) address. You need to find out the Mac address of victim’s phone which account you want to hack. Here are the steps by steps explanation.

Step 1:

Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from Your Device

Make sure that you have uninstalled your WhatsApp account from mobile device successfully. You can install and reconfigure your account at the end of hacking process with complete backup.

Step 2:

Get the smart phone of victim which account you want to hack
It’s mandatory to acquire mobile phone of victim to complete hacking process. We need it for only 10-15 seconds and then return.

Step 3:

Find out the MAC address of your targeted phone
MAC address is 12 character unique identifier assigned to mobile device as its online identity. Method of searching the MAC address may be different from device to device.

A MAC address consists of six pairs of character and numbers that are alienated by colons.
For Example (07:41:57:27:8D: CA).

iPhone : Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi Address.
Android : Settings >> About Phone >> Status >> Wi- Fi MAC address
BlackBerry : Options >> Device >> Device and Status Info >> WLAN MAC
Windows Phone : Settings >> About >> More info >> MAC Address.

You can Google to find out process of any mobile phone’s MAC Address.

Step 4:

Find the MAC Address of your own Mobile Phone Device

Follow the same steps, find your handset MAC address and ensure that you store/save it in a secure manner. This MAC address require after completion of hacking process.

Step 5:

Install Spoofing Mobile app

iPhone (or) other device Spoofing App: MacDaddy X or WifiSpoof
Android Spoofing App: BusyBox, Terminal Emulator

All the above apps are free to download from Google play store and Iphone store

Step 6:

Alter [Spoof] WIFI MAC address of your device similar to victim’s phone WIFI MAC address
Spoofing converts your mobile exact same as victim’s mobile.
If you have downloaded Terminal Emulator for spoof then
– In the terminal, type “ip link show” and you get list of interfaces.
– Recognize the one that has your MAC address.
– By spoofing when you logging into your account, actually you are trying to log into victim’s WhatsApp account.

Example: Assume we are going to use the adt0 interface. Enter “ip link set adt0 address a8:vf:04:4c:87:cd” and “ip link set adt0 broadcast a8:vf:04:4c:87:cd” in terminal emulator, where eth0 is the interface you recognized and a8:vf:04:4c:87:cd is your target’s MAC address. Verify that you’ve altered your MAC address successfully, enter “ip link show adt0.”

Step 7:

Re-Install and configure WhatsApp account on your Mobile Phone

– You can access victim’s WhatsApp account after installation and configuration WhatsApp in your device.
– Enter victim’s phone number in your device
– Now you are able to receive and send message from victim’s WhatsApp profile

Step 8:

Get verification Code from the victim’s mobile phone

– WhatsApp system sends confirmation code to victim’s mobile number.
– One more time get phone of victim and get the verification code.
– Enter that code in your phone when requested by WhatsApp, now you have completely hacked targeted phone’s WhatsApp account.
– Delete the WhatsApp code from victim’s mobile to ensure he/she is not aware from spoofing.

Step 9:

Change MAC address with your original after successful access of Victim’s WhatsApp profile
– Change MAC address as you did before using Spoofing app, make sure to insert your original MAC address
– Now your mobile phone is restored in original position. Ensure that your internet connection, wifi and mobile data are working without interrupt.


Method 2

Spy Software

Spy software program is very useful to read victim’s WhatsApp messages. In today competitive market there are many app developer companies which are offering WhatsApp spy programs. The software must be intelligent and reliable, don’t get confuse in selection of right software. Myspy is one of the most popular spy software with advance features. You need to download and install the mySpy app onto the victim’s phone on which you want to monitor. Keep victim’s mobile phone with you for few minutes.

Step 1:

Take victim’s permission

Spy apps are very useful for business owner, parents and government official to monitor the activities of employees, child and other subordinates. Advance permission of victim is mandatory to monitor or access their mobile phone.

Step 2:

Select perfect SPY app

Different types of spy software have different uses, functionality and features. Read the description of software before take download decision. Ask below three questions to select the best one.

  1. What’s the purpose?
  2. What’s ability of the app?
  3. Can it hide spy activity from victim?


Purchase and Install the best Spy App

MySpy and Spymaster Pro are the best one I recommended. Buy the app from genuine place and install by following on-screen instructions.
The app must be installed in your phone and victim’s mobile phone

Step 4:

App Configuration and Start tracking

Follow the instruction of spy software program and make all setting correctly to begin hacking process.

Now you can receive victim’s all WhatsApp messages successfully.

Pros and Cons of Spy Software

  • Cons
    • Victim is aware from spy software and can uninstall or disable it any time.
    • Genuine spy software isn’t free always; you need to spend some money to get it.
    • You have to install this app in both devices.
    • Your mobile phone memory increases with many unwanted WhatsApp content from different account, if you are monitoring many Whatsapp accounts.
  • Pros
    • You can run your personal WhatsApp account.
    • You can monitor slave’s account for security and safety purposes.


Method 3 (Hack Whatsapp chat without victim’s phone)

Using this method you can read the conversion of victim’s mobile without his/her knowledge. The victim is not aware that someone reading his/her conversion. But this method need lots of skill and android programming. You just need to write an app, to catch Whatsapp Notification(only incoming Whatsapp messages).

You try GitHub to get code

Protection from Hacking

  1. Ensure that your phone’s all apps, operating system and programs are updated.
  2. Install some good antivirus program, it avoid to install spy software in your device
  3. Always keep lock pattern screen, so nobody can unlock it without your permission.

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Disclaimer: The author or the blog owner is not responsible for any type of abuse of this information provided. This article is only for educational purpose.

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