Celebi is Live now in “Pokemon Go” – Soon Release Globally

We saw in the Safari Zone event earlier this year, the Pokémon Go Fest has included content for viewers. If you will not see any Pokemon in Lincoln Park then Pokémon Go Fest will appear throughout the world on July 14th and July 15th in the habitat.

There are rumors that trainers will have to face new pokemon during the big event or unlock it. Fans believe that the Celebi research quest will be active during the event, which will include some parts to complete.Celebi Live Pokemon Go

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These will come in five stages and they will need players on the ground which they do to reach the end. It’s unclear if the world will be active at the same time with those pikachu, although it seems likely that this one Pokémon go fest will be special at least for the first day.

The Quest line dialogue has been found to be believed it alive during Pokémon Go Fest 2018, and undoubtedly will prove to be popular with it in the presence. Even today new bonuses are alive with shinier plusle and minun able to catch in the wild, as well as additional spans give bonus to the Stardust.

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Alonnie Diglett and Alon Geodude are also expected to be on their way during that big event.

Gen 2 mythic Pokémon Celebi is currently available in the park followed by a global release.


Players will be able to join the action by completing research tasks throughout the day around the world. Each region needs to complete 5 million of them to unlock special bonuses, as well as Chicago participants who will have 100,000 hits.

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It should be noted that some global challenges have started and these area should be counted in total: Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. This will then be followed by America and Asia-Pacific region.

Rewards that can be unlocked include items like candy, hatch candy, read rare candy and egg hatch spacing. According to the trekkers on the big event, rewards will be unlocked between July 16 and 23 July 2018.

And if all these research activities are unlocked Niantic will look at the top with all the new Zapdos days which will appear in the legendary bird gyms.

This will be done for expression and something that is usually possible for all birds.

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