How to get free fast 4G internet for android and iPhone

Be aware to get into so-called “android hacks for free 4G internet” it will harm your device and breach privacy.

Based on our research to get free fast 4G internet data we have found some interesting ways to get it done.

Sounds awesome a free internet on your phone. Today we are so much connected to the internet and living without the internet makes us awkward. However, watching your favorite shows on Netflix or Youtuber videos on Youtube consumes loads of MB from your data pack. Earning free data without spending an immense amount on recharge but there are few things that you can do to get free fast internet 4G data.

Well, some people recommend you use VPN to get free unlimited data which is total crap. Once you start using a VPN for free internet you will have to pay at the end for 4G internet data the same as your mobile network provider.

Note: No VPN will give you free access to the internet. However, VPN will make you anonymous, unblock websites and encrypt your data depends on which server you are connected with.

Yes, there are ways to get free fast 4G internet within a few minutes from packs of apps available on google play store.


You can download and install the Giganto mobile app available in google play store one of the well known and widely used app to access free 4G internet. when you open the app it will show loads of apps some are already downloaded into your phone will show up there. Download any useful app from Giganto. Don’t worry the mobile data you will consume for downloading will always less that data that you will get into your Giganto account and enjoy uninterrupted free internet.


You will get more than a mobile. It is really easy to sign up and get free internet on both of your android and iOS devices. You get 500 texts/month, 500 MB of data, and 200 minutes/month. Just pre-approve your pin code and email ID to check the availability of high-speed internet. You can do free international calling to up to 60 countries. Earn unlimited free 4G internet data by adding your friends and completing partner offers. nevertheless, You can play games, browse the internet and connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

Databack App

You can download and install an app from the google play store. when you use the app on 2G, 3G or 4G internet data Databack will save up to 300 MB of your data every month which can be used to recharge your phone. You can refer the Databack app to your friends and get 50 MB of free fast 4G internet data!


The app is available in the google play store from where you can download and install. The app will recommend apps through download and install it you will earn credits. Credits can be used to recharge 4G internet data, Voice pack, and text message.


You can earn free data for your wireless Verizon wireless prepaid smartphone plan for that you need to do take part in surveys and complete tasks like online shopping for your needful stuff.

HotSpot Finder

A useful app for iPhone users. The app will find nearby available WiFi which in most cases is free to browse the internet.


One of the best reward websites available. You will get Swagbucks credit points into your account via completing tasks like shopping, by answering survey questions and watching videos on the website. You can redeem credit points via PayPal or as a gift card. Swagbucks offers free internet data for Verizon Mobile customers. You can earn as much as $ 758.25/year in your free time.

A so-called “Android hacks for free internet”

To get free internet data, we found numerous misleading information on the internet. Many tricks are illegal. Android hacks will harm your device and breach privacy.


However, if you want to get free fast 4G internet data without spending money from your pocket it is highly recommended to use the above apps.

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